Bear a Witness was inspired by a conversation with a homeless man on a cold street of London a week before Christmas 2016. I spent some time chatting with this very lovely homeless gentleman who through a series of unfortunate events and twist of fate had been living on the streets for the last 4 years. He unfortunately passed away not too long after our meeting. The song Bear A Witness pays homage to this gentleman and the struggles on the street as a homeless person.

In order to capture the reality of the homeless situation, we decided to shoot the video in a real-life environment near Dalston Station in East London, which is renowned for homeless sleeping.  The director thought it would be a good idea to leave me sitting in position for 30 min with no camera in sight just to get into character. Passersby had no idea I was shooting a video. People either looked straight through me or at me with pity or disgust. It was a total eye-opener.

Eradicating homelessness is above my pay grade but I can and will do all I can to support the governments and charities. What I can do through music and with your help is to change the perception on how we react to the homeless. All profits from this single are being donated to the Shelter charity but with the way music is consumed these days the real success is not on the sale but rather the message. I would rather have someone show an act of kindness to a homeless person than download the single.

1000’s of people have confirmed that as a result of this video they have engaged with a homeless person which makes it all worthwhile.

Just a chat and cup of tea with a homeless person goes a long way. Even if we can’t afford a cup of tea, just a chat makes so much of a difference. With your help, we will make that change.

I initially said that if as a result of this song and video, even one person showed an act of kindness towards a homeless person then it would have been worth writing it. With your help let’s make this a million people. 

Ed Accura.

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