LONDON – Ed Accura, London’s innovative hip-hop artist, sets a precedence with his latest single, Follow Me
The UK recording artist continues to make an appearance with the soon to be released single recorded in his signature bass heavy hip-hop driven style.
We wrote the lyrics for Follow Me in a first-person's narrative from the perspective of the internet search engines. These are both the browsers that we all love and use on a daily basis like Google as well as the deep dark web which actually accounts for 96% of the internet. We labeled it the digital "Go To" middle man for almost anything you need both legal and illegal. When researching for this song we ventured into territories that would make the hardest man mentally scared for life so beware of whats out there !!
The song also highlights the digital footprint created when you engage with the internet and how you can almost never get away from it. 
Follow Me is complimented by moody underlays with an upbeat mellow overtone and very similar to the last single, Don't Let Go.
It fuses Hip-hop, R&B and funk together with a touch of melodic house vocals written in the usual tongue in cheek and thought provoking manner.

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